Private Enterprise “NORDIK”

was established in 2005 for project and construction-and-assembling operations implementation purposes in oil and gas extraction, petrochemical industries, power industry and other fields of production.

Professional approach at each stage of construction, qualitative fulfillment of undertaken obligations, ultimate responsibility for the results of performed project and efficient use of customer’s funds are the main operation principles of Private Enterprise “Nordik”.

Many years’ experience and implementation of up-to-date technologies in the construction process allows Enterprise professionals taking on objects construction tasks of different business lines and perform them with honour.

The Enterprise has vehicles, construction equipment and machinery, elevating-transfer vehicles, technological equipment and manual instruments necessary for tasks performance. In order to fulfill non-standard (special) tasks set by the customer, the Enterprise buys special machinery and equipment.

The Company has permanent staff of highly-qualified professionals successfully working in the field of oil and gas industry objects construction, power sector, industrial and civil objects construction.

Our enterprise main business activities:

  • construction of the main gas lines, oil products lines, water lines, gas supply systems
  • construction of gas compressor and pumping stations
  • gas and oil fields development
  • technical diagnostics of machinery, tools, high risk equipment, in particular: drilling equipment, pressure tanks, load lifting cranes and other major equipment of oil-and-gas extraction objects along with oil-and-gas processing industry objects;
  • construction of industrial and commercial objects (highways, power supply, water supply, sewerage, etc.
  • project works and special project sections development.

All the necessary licenses and permits related to the abovementioned works have been received.

Particular attention is drawn to the construction quality. Nondestructive inspection and technical diagnostics testing laboratory has been created, and is operating, at the Private Enterprise “Nordik”. Laboratory specialists are certified by the Association of Independent Experts of Ukraine “Ukrekspert”. They are capable of conducting works quality evaluation at all construction stages paying special attention to the quality of welding works.

“Nordik” has implemented construction projects. In particular, the following was done:

  • Development of Stari-Bohorodchany wells No. 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 in Bohorodchany district, Ivano-Frankivsk region; construction of 24 km length flowlines (diameter: 89-108 mm); construction of gas treatment units “Stari Bohorodchany” – customer “Ukrnaftogazinvest”, LLC .; Execution of overhaul repair works of ДУ 1000 underground industrial piping wrapping at gas compressor station “Rohatyn” – customer “Lvivtransgaz”, Gas Transmittal Pipelines Administration;
  • Development of Zvorivska No.2 Well – customer “Karpaty-Resursy”, LLC;
  • Works related to the elimination of newly formed sinkholes along with exploration, grouting and stowing wells have been performed at Stebnyk State Mining and Chemical Enterprise “Polimineral”. Emergency drainage pipeline (diameter: 159 mm) of 2.5 km length has been constructed – customer: Stebnyk State Mining and Chemical Enterprise “Polimineral”);
  • Reconstruction of Gas Distribution Station “Kozova” has been done – customer: “Fakel”, PJSC;
  • Development of wells No. 3,4,5,6 at Chaikovychi gas field; Construction of 6.8 km length flowlines (diameter: 89-108 mm); Construction of gas treatment unit “Dubanevychi” (Customer: “Geological Bureau Lviv”, LLC)
  • Development of wells No. 1 and No. 2 of Berehivska gas field; 8.54 km length flowlines construction (diameter: 89-108 mm); Construction of gas treatment unit “Vyshnia” – customer: “Horyzonty”, LLC
  • Development of wells No. 8, 71, 73, 74 and 75 at Lentianske gas condensate field; 6,5km length flowlines construction (diameter: 89-108 mm);
  • Two booster compressor stations for gas volume, which is compressed – 700 000 nm3/day; Customer: “Karpatygaz”, LLC as an operator of Joint Activity between the Subsidiary “Ukrgazvydobuvannia” of the National Joint-Stock Company “Naftogaz Ukrainy”, Misen Enterprises AB and “Karpatygaz”, LLC pursuant to Joint Activity Agreement No. 3 dated June 10, 2002;
  • Participation in construction of Sambir Solar Power Plant – customer: “Sambir Solar Power Plant”, and Bohorodchanska-1 Solar Power Plant – customer: “Bohorodchanska-1 Solar Power Plant”, LLC;
  • Nondestructive examination of equipment and well rig pipes, Xmas Tree equipment, equipment for OOK type casing string piping, methanol tanks – customers: “Drilling Company “HORYZONTY”, LLC, “Ukrnaftogazinvest”, LLC, and works performance at the other objects.
  • Construction of Rava-Ruska Heat Power Plant operating from chipped wood
  • Wind Power Plant “Staryi Sambir-1” with capacity of 13.2 MW in Staryi Sambir city of Lviv region, customer: “Eco-Optima”, LLC;